User Modifiable Web Pages

Would you like to have a web page that you can modify at will?

Let me take your existing website and your existing web page and give you a web interface that will allow you to modify it easily.

I will make it so that one of your web pages becomes soft putty in your hands. Want to change what it says every day? You will be able to easily change it each and every day without intervention by a webmaster.

Call 207-782-1959 for an estimate.

Here are some of the ways you may wish to use your user modifiable web page:

  • Run weekly specials. Each week, you change the items on special and their prices.

  • Exchange links with other websites. They link to your site and you link to their site after they've emailed you and made a request to exchange links.

  • Let people know that their order is ready to be picked up at your business address.

  • Work on an article you wish to write.

  • Fine tune some advertising copy.

  • Share news with your family.

  • Keep an online diary.

Your user modifiable web page will come with an administrative interface that is password protected. Only you will have the password and only you will be able to modify and publish your page publicly.

Don't hesitate to email at if you have any questions.

Ed Abbott

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