Gather Names and Addresses
of Visitors to Your Website

Do you need to collect information from people who visit your web site? A form that visitors can fill out on your website may be your answer.

Here's how it works:

  1. A visitor comes by and visits your website.

  2. While there, your visitor discovers a form that they can fill out which allows them to leave their name and address so that you may send them information to them in the mail.

  3. The information supplied to you by your visitor is automatically forwarded to you via email. This happens as soon as your visitor hits the submit button.

  4. Your visitor sees a response in their browser window that thanks them for taking the time to fill out the form. They are told that you will be contacting them soon.

Of course, the information that you request of your visitor is entirely up to you. Surveys, comment and suggestion boxes are also possible.

The basic way it works is that the form appears as blank fields that your visitor fills in. When your visitor press the submit button, these fields, which are now filled with information, are emailed to you.

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