Spelling Made Easy

It is my hope and dream to help you find an easy way to learn how to spell. For this reason, I've created the following learning cds to help you spell better.

The CDs are progressive in nature. No CD repeats the material on the prior one and each CD introduces new words to spell.

It's a simple learning strategy really. Each CD consists of a list of words to learn to spell.

The words are presented in context and an opportunity is given to spell the word before the voice on the CD does so. Listen to each CD enough times, and all the spelling words on that CD become a part of you. I hope they become a part of you forever.

I offer all my spelling CDs in a comprehensive spelling words package. To purchase all my spelling words on a complete CD set, visit www.SpellingWordsGuy.com.

For easy reference, here is a complete list of all my spelling CDs:

Spelling 1

Spelling 2

Spelling 3

Spelling 4

Spelling 5

Spelling 6

Spelling 7

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