Learn to Multiply

I've always wanted to create a series of audio learning CDs that help you learn to multiply. So far, I've created one such CD. It is called Learn to Multiply by 2.

This series differs from my other multiplication tables series in these ways:

  1. The series assumes you know how to add but know nothing about multiplication.
  2. The series includes learning strategies for learning how to multiply. For example, Learn to Multiply by 2 demonstrates that adding a number to itself (3 + 3 = 6) and multiplying by 2 (3 X 2 = 6) produce the same result.
  3. Each member of the series covers one multiplication table only. In the case of Learn to Multiply by 2, the table covered is the 2X multiplication table.
  4. The series assumes that receiving a thorough grounding in each table, starting with 2X multiplication and ending with 12X multiplication, is an easier way to learn to multiply.
  5. The series is a work in progress. In fact, only the CD for 2X multiplication is available at the present time.
  6. Eventually, there will be 11 CDs in the series. The series will start with Learn to Multiply by 2 and end with Learn to Multiply by 12.

In the future, I'll fill out the learn-to-multiply series. For now, though, I have one and only one. It is listed below:

Learn to Multiply by 2

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