7 Reasons
to Learn FTP
and Learn It Well

FTP is a utility that allows you to upload your website to your web server. Here are 7 reasons for knowing it and knowing it well.

  1. It is the most common way to transfer files across the Internet.

    FTP is an acronym that spells out as File Transfer Protocol. It is designed specifically for transferring files. This it does efficiently and easily.

  2. FTP is one of the tools that enables you to work on your website on your home computer and upload it to your webserver.

    It's important to be able to work on your website offline. It is equally important to be able to upload your website after you've finished making changes to it. FTP allows you to do this easily.

    In fact, the best FTP clients will allow you to upload your entire website in one easy motion.

  3. It has been around for many years and will continue to be around for many more years to come.

    FTP has been around for more than 20 years. It is much older than HTTP, the protocol that you use to view web pages with your web browser.

    Your investment in learning this software will pay handsome dividends for many years to come. Don't worry about your knowledge of FTP becoming obsolete. FTP will probably outlive you.

  4. Learning FTP deepens your understanding of the Internet.

    The more you know about the Internet, the easier it is to solve problems with your website when they come up. It pays to know -- to really know.

  5. FTP is free!

    Every operating system has a free FTP client that comes with it including Windows.

    Note, however, that not all free FTP clients have graphical interfaces. Some have command line interfaces.

  6. FTP is universal.

    There is no place where FTP is not! There is no modern operating system that does not have some form of FTP available to it.

  7. You can choose between command-line FTP and graphical-user-interface FTP

    Having this choice is important. With a command line FTP client, you get to see what is actually happening.

    Learning command-line FTP will give you insights that are almost impossible to get from using a GUI FTP alone. Later, if you decide to use a GUI FTP client, this deeper insight will carry forward.

    With a graphical-user-interface FTP client, it is easier for some people to get started.

    There are many, many choices of FTP clients available. Some of the best FTP clients are free.

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