7 Reasons
to Learn and Use

Here are seven good reasons to learn and use OpenOffice.org, an office suite of software similar to Microsoft Office.

  1. It's free!

    You need only download it to use it. It available for no charge at www.OpenOffice.org.

  2. It's similar to Microsoft Office.

    This makes it easy to learn and use. If you've ever learned Microsoft Office in the past, your Microsoft Office skills will carry forward into OpenOffice.org.

    The similar look and feel of the software makes learning easy.

  3. You can pass files back and forth with Microsoft Office users.

    Want to trade files with your friends who use Microsoft Office? OpenOffice.org allows this. Just save your files in a format that is compatible with both office programs.

  4. It's easy to keep OpenOffice.org up-to-date.

    The latest version of OpenOffice.org is just a download away. Because it is free, your budget is no longer an issue when deciding whether to upgrade or not.

  5. OpenOffice.org gives you access to the 3 most important applications in an office environment.

    Historically, word processing, spreadsheet, and database are the most important office applications. OpenOffice.org has all 3.

  6. Learning OpenOffice.org will make you a better computer user.

    Many of the things you learn in OpenOffice.org -- cut and paste, for example -- have application in other software packages. Generally speaking, there is always something to be learned in one computer application that can be applied in another.

  7. You don't keep paying for it and paying for it.

    Historically, Microsoft Office is a product you pay for again and again. Not so with OpenOffice.org. Upgrade for free to the newest version at your leisure.

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