Free Books
on the Internet

One of the great possibilities of the Internet is the possibility for free books. Here are some of my favorites:

Uplifting Spirituality

Need a spiritual lift? There's two free books available from Eckankar. These books excel at telling you how God's love works by story and example.

Self-help Books

Here's a book that has a whole different angle on weight loss. Debbie Johnson's How to Think Yourself Thin suggests that you can lose weight by using your imagination properly. In this book, Debbie Johnson tells the story of how she has maintained her ideal weight for 20 years strictly through the use of disciplined imagination.

Adventure and Survival

I can never read enough survival books. One reason I do this is to convince myself that my life really is easy. No matter how difficult things get for me, a good survival book will convince me that it could be worse.

A book I particularly enjoyed reading in this genre is Fanny Kelly's account of her months of captivity with the Sioux Indians in 1863. She tell this story in her book, Narrative of My Captivity amoung the Sioux Indians, first published in 1871.

Learn Free Software

Yet another category of online book that I find interesting are books that teach you how to use free software. In this category is Grokking the Gimp by Carey Bunks.

Gimp is an image manipulation program similar in intent to Adobe Photoshop. Carey's book is an excellent online tutorial that teaches you how to use this program.

Happy reading!

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